Friday, March 19, 2010


Hey Everyone,

Sorry it has been so slow on the site lately. I have been really busy this spring. Not only have I been checking out some new products, but I have been busy attending several events this year. I have been invited to speak about backpacking all the way back home in NY in April. I am very excited to see what this year brings with backpacking and fly fishing. I have met some really knowledgeable people and made some great friends along the way. I also have been invited to come fishing with Linda Heller and Bob Clouser, and to go shad fishing on the fly with the team from Orvis. As far as backpacking, I have a few trips in mind for late spring in the higher elevations, and I think we have a caving trip in the works. This should prove to be a very eventful year indeed. Thank you to everyone who has invited me to talk at your events. I truly love sharing the passion that I have for these sports and getting others as excited about them as I am.

See you on the trail,

p.s. I have a really cool video on camp soap that I'm about to finish so keep checking in.


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  2. Lance, you should take videos of your talks and post them on your blog. I think any of us who can't attend would love to see them.