Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey Everyone,

Well I spent the day in the sun, on the river, catching fish, getting burnt. I started the day with a little shiver, while I stood waist deep, watching a light fog come off the water. However, by that afternoon I was dying to just get out of my waders and "wet wade". I figured that the afternoon might die off a little, and we could get out of the sun for a bit. Well luck would have it, that at about one o-clock the bite came on again so we stayed. I did put on sun screen eventually, but by then it was really too late. I am glad to say that Ray landed a nice Rainbow that filled the net, and I held my own catching some healthy fish as well. I have always considered myself pretty hard core as far as the outdoors. I mean I kind of look forward to the rainy days because I know I'll have the river mostly to myself. However, I now know that rainy days don't make you that die hard, because getting wet is a whole lot easier to forget about the next day.

See you on the trail,

p.s. I think I might change the saying from "rain or shine" to "soaked or sun burnt". whadya' think.


  1. Beautiful pictures Lance! Sounded like a great time! Done the same here today at Wilsons, sure was funny to whipe the brow after all that winter.

  2. Nice pics. I like rain or shine.