Saturday, March 6, 2010

Learning From The Best

Hey Everyone,

What a killer day. I spent the day talking fly with two of the most respected fly fishers in the sport. Not only did Anthony Hipps show me how to tie a couple of his most famous patterns that were featured in "Fly Tyer" magazine, but Linda Heller and I spent a good amount of time talking fly. I always say you can never stop learning and I figure if your going to learn something about fly fishing why not from two of the best. I'm excited to say that Linda told me that next time that Bob (Bob Clouser) is in town that we all should hit the water together. I gladly accepted the invite. Here are a few photos of the masters in action.

See you on the trial,


  1. Nice! I'd kill to go fishing with Bob Clouser! Which patterns did Anthony show you how to tie?

  2. Hey Jason.

    I cant wait, Linda emailed me the other day and said that she loved meeting me and that she cant wait to get me on the salt with her and Bob. Anthony showed me how to tie his famous popper and since I just had my 8 wt built he also showed me a top water diver pattern that he says the specled trout and drum just love.


  3. Lance, can you call or email me? I have a proposition for you.

    Phone: 303-803-2740