Thursday, August 23, 2012

Burning Wood = Saving Forest

Hello Everyone,

I just received an email from Erin Engelson from the Kenya Stove project. Most of us backpackers are fully aware of wood gas stoves and probably own at least one. Well now that cool little stove that runs on twigs laying around the camp site, and you've been using to make coffee on is going global. If you have been following the recent issues in Africa dealing with the illegal charcoal production, you know its a growing problem and its destroying habitats for many animals most notably Gorillas. The problem is that charcoal is what is used in many of the home cook stoves and fires of the local population. Well the Kenya Stove projects has taken the idea of the wood gas stove and come up with a possible solution to that problem. I don't want to steel too much from the kenyastove site but burning wood most notably mesquite (an invasive species) in these larger stoves could reduce if not eliminate the need to make charcoal. I urge you to check out this site and help out if you can. It sure is nice to see that a piece of gear that backpackers built just to boil some water is about to help people and conserve nature in such a positive way.

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