Monday, October 4, 2010

Trail Note

Hey Everyone,

I was recently informed of a really cool site that could save your life. I'm not sure about you but I usually hike alone. With hiking solo there are inherit risks that one must accept. I'm a compulsive trip planner, taking up to a year to plan out the details of a hike. However, with all the planning in the world you cannot account for a misstep or accident. What would happen if you fell while in a deep ravine and could not move to get a cell or GPS signal. For those occasions there's Trail Note . A Trail Note is a simple online form that stores your travel details. You name the trip, provide a travel description, give a start time and end time of the trip, and mark your destination on a digital map. You also enter the email or text message address of people you would like to notify in case of you do not return in time. This is a really great free service. If you do any kind of back country exploring like backpacking, fly fishing, or ATVs I suggest you check out an possibly use this site. I plan on registering and using trail note for all of my future back country trips.

See you on the trail,

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