Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tying One On

Hey Everyone,

I was recently invited to be the guest fly tier at the Greensboro location of the Great Outdoor Provision Company. I visit the store from time to time to see what I "need", and to talk a little trail and fly with the staff. I have come to know a few of the guys pretty well and occasionally they will ask my advise on a subject. I was really honored to be asked my Mike, the fly fishing manager, if I would mind coming in and tying some flies for their weekly get together. I don't consider myself to be an expert tier but accepted the invite. It was good to talk fly with a few folks, and I tied a few patterns that I have had great success with. I also introduced the world of Tenkara fly fishing to the guests and staff. I talked and tied so much that I didn't think to get my camera until I was packing up. I want to thank Mike and GOP for the invite, and I look forward to doing it again sometime. In fact, I'll have to get over there to see some patterns tied by other guest tiers.

See you on the trail,

p.s. If you are in the NC area you should stop in to one of the GOP locations. Here is a link to find the location nearest you.

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  1. Ah. Flyfishing. The crack of the outdoorsman's life. Lol.