Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cool (weather) Tips

Hey Everyone,

I went out for a day on the river yesterday. The weather was very nice- mid to low fifties, and overcast. I'm sad to say that the fishing was very slow. I did manage a couple fish, including this very strong fifteen incher. I guess cold weather slows everyone down a bit.

One thing to remember is, if you are venturing out this time of year, you should wear layers. With morning temperatures in the twenties or thirties, and afternoon temps getting into the fifties, layering is a great way to adapt to the weather. I think that a couple of thin layers are better than two heavy ones. Also, it's fine to have a cotton shirt for camp and sleeping in, but for strenuous activities you should be wearing synthetics and fleece. Synthetic drys faster and fleece will still keep you warm if it gets damp. I like to wear a nice long sleeve synthetic shirt with a light or medium fleece over that. If it gets windy or rain starts to fall, it's very easy to put on a light shell.

If you have any winter backpacking trips or just plan to camp out for a night, remember to put your canisters and water filters into your sleeping bag with you because these items can freeze, and either ruin your filter, or make that warm morning cup of coffee slow coming.

See you on the trail,

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  1. Lance:

    It looks like you caught some nice fish. Maybe you could do some Samon Fishing one day and catch enough for grandma to pickle for Christmas. I remember you dad and grandpa going Samon fishing together and having so much fun. I think grandma did pickle some that you dad caught one year.