Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The GREAT Outdoors

Hey Everyone,

I had an exceptional day on the river. I caught well over twenty trout. I showed Christi how to tie a fly and promised to use it when I went yesterday. Well not only did it catch fish, it caught the biggest one of the day. Here are a few photos from my outting. A day like this is just another reason they call it the great outdoors.

See you on the trail,


  1. I enjoyed fly tying when I first started fishing. Surprisingly even my ugliest and crappiest of flies caught fish. Felt good to make something that caught fish as a boy.

    PS: Thanks for the blog roll add. And thanks for your service, too.

  2. Nice fish Lance!
    If you go up the creek past the beaver damn, there is a nice 18" bow that just loves the black buggers :)

    I see you enjoy the Wild waters too, have to set up some time to fish some together, hope you don't mind fishing with an Army

  3. John,

    Ill have to get more info on that creek with the beaver dam. Hitting the stream together sounds like a great idea. I go about once a week and the invite is always open.


  4. I am heading out tomorrow, want to go? Going to hit some waters in Avery County. Next time your out west, gimme a shout, I am also out atleast once per week.