Friday, November 27, 2009

Cold Weather Num-Nums!

Hey everyone,

With the weather cooled down a bit its time to change the menu for backpacking. I usually carry cereal in a ziploc with 2/3 cup of Nido dried milk (add one cup water and shake...cold cereal). However, in the colder months, it sure is nice to have a hot breakfast to get the day started right. I usually carry oatmeal or cream of wheat which is good but... the other day I came across a ten grain cereal ( in the grocery store. When I read how easy it is to make, it screamed backpacking food. I took it home and just added some brown sugar and WOW! I have played with it with my backpacking cook set and have come up with a good portion (the bag directions make way to much). Here it is.

At home put this into a ziploc bag.
1/2 cup cereal
1tbsp brown sugar

On the trail
boil 1 1/4 cup water (or just boil 2 cups and make some coffee or cocoa)
turn stove down to simmer or like me, take pot off stove and place in cozy.
pour in cereal and let sit for about five minutes.

I like to put milk in so here is an addition...
put 2/3 cup Nido in a snack sized ziploc and place it in the other ziploc with the cereal.
mix this with one cup of water in your Nalgene bottle (while your waiting)
add to pot and there you go hot cereal with milk on the trail.

Feel free to add some nuts or dried berries to spice it up (oooh blueberries!)

There are a tone of different types on the web site. If you have already tried some of these let me know your recipes or favorite kind.

See you on the trail,

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