Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Few New Sites

Hey Everyone,

I know that it has been very quiet on here lately. Ive been busy with...well just about everything. Im helping a friend plan her ten day trip into the San Gabriel Mountains to go prospecting for a week (another thing that I have started to play with). In doing so we have been diligently goving over the meal planning. I have recently found out about some realy great sites to get the little things that you may need to have an enjoyable meal outdoors. I have put them in the "sites I visit" section of the site. One of my favorites is Just Tomatoes. I hope you all have had some time to get outside this summer. I know of quite a few folks that have some great paddling trips planned and I am pumped to hit the (bartram) trail this fall. Well I guess that's about it for now check out the new links and make some great meals.

See you on the trail,

p.s. I have some video that I may edit into some previous posts so keep and eye out. I just have to figure out the video editing program on this computer first.


  1. Great find! Those fruit powders are really interesting. Thanks for posting that site

  2. No problem. I thought they were pretty cool as well. What really blew me away was when I saw powdered wine! Check out pack it gourmet.