Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The AT Goes Where?

Hey Everyone,

I recently heard some very interesting news about the AT (Appalachian Tail), well, the IAT (international Appalachian Trail). What do you think of hiking to Morocco? There is a plan in the works that will extend the Appalachian Trail into Europe. As it looks now, the IAT will run along the east coast of Greenland, and then on to Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The trail will then pickup on the mainland of Norway, and proceed south through France and Portugal, with a small run through western Spain, and finally ending in Morocco. Trails already exist along much of the conceptual route, so in many cases, participating countries can mark these trail segments with the IAT sign to make it part of the network. It seems that Greenland and Ireland are taking the idea seriously, and they are already plotting out the routs through their countries. This means, of course, that there will be some portions which involve a ferry or train ride, but that just adds to the adventure! With the small connector that links the AT to the Florida Trail, one could conceivably thru-hike from Big Cypress National Preserve all the way to Morocco. The logistics alone would be immense, and I'm sure it would cost a small fortune, but I bet you would never run out of stories for the camp fire!

See you on the trail,

UPDATE: I was asked to post a link to the article that I read this from. However, I am unable to locate it again. I have found this article pressherald which is almost word for word the same as the one I read. Also if you type "European Appalachian Trail Extension" into google you will see several more articles.


  1. I recently read that a man spotted a big foot in NC. I watch Monsterquest on the history channel sometimes and it always seems to be about someone spotting a big foot. They must not be as rare as people think if they have been spotted all over the country :). Have you ever seen one on your Hikes? People like to make more out of things than need be.

    For Example: I live in a small town in Central NY. I live in the village. Recently there was a black bear spotted in the neighborhood. You should have seen people jumping in their cars to try and find this poor bear that was obviously out if it's element and afraid. They were saying it's the biggest bear they have ever seen. If the truth be told they have probably never seen a bear in there lives except maybe at the zoo. Someone finally was able to get a picture of the bear and it was that big at all. To me it looked like a younger one.
    People made it out to be the size of a grizzly.

    Point being bigfoots or bears people like to take things out of context.

    Be carefull on your hikes you never know what you may run into.

  2. To answer your question, no I have never seen a big foot. I did talk to some people once who where big foot hunters. I mean these people where dead serious and hard core. They told me that if I ever heard anything that sounded like a wooden bat hitting a tree, then that was a big foot fallowing me. Oddly enough I have heard that sound before but I think that if we tracked down the source, it would prove to be otherwise. I agree with you that people blow things out of proportion. It’s a shame that people have separated themselves from the wilderness so much that now when they do see a wild animal they automatically think it’s a "chupicabra" that’s come to kill their goats.

  3. How do you thru-hike over the ocean? I guess if you paddled your way across it'd be ok - but taking a plain or motorized boat would not be acceptable.

  4. Hey Adayak,

    The article that I read regarding this trail stated that it would require a bus ride and a couple ferry crossings. I guess you could paddle it but you would need to setup the logistics to transport your Kayak to each coast line. It would take a skilled hiker and paddler to accomplish this. Just think of it, you have to cross the Atlantic and straights like the English Channel.

  5. You know, this really appeals to me. Backpacking for me is not just hillwalking or thru-hiking but just walking with everything you need to exist, nay live, on your back and going where your feet take you. That may be forest, hill, city, village - it could be anywhere so the concept of an international trial actually fills me with a childish glee. I disagree with Adayak to the extent that take an aircraft or motorised boat would in fact be acceptable - perhaps not to what I understand to be the true spirit of thru-hiking (an American phrase, I think) but certainly it is acceptable to the spirit of adventuring and the undertaking of a journey?

  6. I have to agree Maz, I mean even thruhikers will hitch a rid into town now and then. An adventure is an adventure now mater your mode of travel.

  7. At first I thought this was a very well targeted satire! I love the idea of an international AT, hiking abroad is a great way to travel; a lot of my favorite moments in Japan have been on the trail. Could you post a link to the article you read?